Meet E.Joseph

Could he be the one your looking for?​

Name: E. Joseph

Height: 5'9"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Shirt: M


A little bit about Joseph: I am into tumbling (Beginner), football, basketball, volleyball, roller–skating, roller blading, Swimming, whistling, and yoga and I'm a Rapper and a Voice over artist


Experience: "Smokey Joe’s Café" -Ken DIR: Ryan McKinney, Kingsborough College; "Grease"- Roger: DIR: Ryan McKinney, Kingsborough College; "Rent"- Benny: DIR: Ryan McKinney, Kingsborough College; "The Perfect Pitch"- Jackie: DIR: Igor Goldin, AMDA


Available for: Host, Spokesmodel, Acting, In-Store Demonstrator, Stage Manager, Brand Ambassadors, Labor/Set Designers, Tour Manager, Tradeshow, Promotional Model, Field Marketing Mgr