Meet Justin

Could he be the one your looking for?​

Name: Justin.

Height: 6'2

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Shirt: M

A little bit about Justin: Special skills I have are playing guitar, tennis, racquetball, baseball, basketball, soccer, comedy, bike riding, swimming, frisbee, shooting firearms, water skiing, snow skiing, track, cross country, jazz dance, ballet, and I have great facial expressions.


Experience:  Film-The Ivy League: Wag Dog Media Prod., Disintegration: Clean-Up Kitty Prod., Trip to Florida: Clean-Up Kitty Prod.


TELEVISION- Rockhard Weekend: Digital Soul Prod., Pizza Hut Commercial: Spitfire Studios, Welcome to Aisle 4: Turner Orig. Pictures, October Road (T.V. Pilot): Disney/Dreamworks, The Cube (T.V Pilot): Not Me Prod. LLC.    


Available for: Audio Video, Spokesmodel, Acting, Stage Manager, Brand Ambassadors, Clerical/Admin, Promotional Model, Intern, 

Photo/Videographer, Swimwear Model, Street Team