​​Revive Therapy Group formerly Posh Foundation a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2008, formed to help uplift and empower women and teens going through various life challenges, i.e. homelessness, substance abuse domestic violence, abuse, teen motherhood, economic hardships, and other challenging issues that undermine an individual’s ability to support themselves and their family regardless of their race, nationality or disability. 

Revive Therapy Group has implemented various programs designed to help single mothers and under served teens from low income single parent households. R.T.G provides a series of self - empowerment training programs that inspires, motivate both women and teens to discover the steps and tool for creating their own personal and professional success as they connect to positive role models and resources.

Through our PoshLyfe™ and PoshSol™ Network for underserved Teens and single mothers we offer the following programs:

* Yearly Book scholarships for high school seniors entering college

* Quarterly empowerment speaker series.

* Personal Development workshops & Lyfe Retreats 

* Posh Girls Night Out Networking Event.

* Health and Well-Being Classes

* Free clothing for mothers re-entering the workforce.

* Provide free cars to families who qualify

* Educational resources

* Career Development

* Help to find help

The organization sponsors various fundraising events to engage the public to contribute to:

* Annual school supply drive for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

* Book scholarships for high school graduates or GED recipients entering their first year at an accredited college or university

* Job preparation seminars for adults re-entering the workforce


*Families experiencing financial hardships due to catastrophic events, unemployment, low-income, injury, etc.

* Other charitable purposes based on the needs of the community. 

Revive Therapy Group is a non-profit foundation committed to empowering and assisting women and teens in the urban communities helping them move towards fulfilling & improving their quality of life, as well as achieving their personal and professional independence. The focus is on empowerment rather than entitlement to help women take responsibility for and to improve their own and their children's lives. RTG is dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, abuse and homelessness in our society. 

Did you know?

"Empowering women, saves children's lives - and the impact is too important to ignore."​

"1 out of every four children in the U.S. lives in a poor family."

"The lives of women are inextricably linked to the well-being of children."


"Half of all single mothers in the U.S. have incomes below the poverty level."

"Two-thirds of all poor adults are women."

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​​PoshLyfe™ and PoshSol is a registered trademark of Revive Therapy Group  and our affiliates. The use of the name, logo, slogans or any accounts of the trade names or trademarks is strictly prohibited without written consent of the Revive Therapy Group, Inc.